Family Matters

a collection of workshops aimed at those practicing a holistic lifestyle

Parenting is hard...many of us thought it would get easier as they grow into a tween or teen, but turns out, it’s a whole new set of challenges we face as they get older! Well, we want to help! As holistic-minded families, we often make different choices with regard to health and wellness. Join us for an empowering parenting event for those of us who have tweens & teenagers. 

Our discussion will address how to help your adolescent and teens understand how and why these choices have been made, address feeling different from peers, and share ways that parents can continue to encourage decisions that are based in education, intuition and free-thinking. 

The focus will be on positive parenting and the powerful importance of maintaining a connection with our children while they navigate connections with their peers. We’ll share strategies to avoid the pitfalls and dangers of parenting through power instead of through relationship. As well as techniques to avoid eroding the parent/child bond which results in losing trust and influence on children as they move into the teen years. 

This is a discussion for parents of adolescents and teens and other trusted adult resource persons presented by Lisa DiSciullo Founder of the acclaimed Parenting Matters, Certified Trainer and Parent educator alongside Amara Wagner, of Fiercely Intuitive Mamas, who is a 15 year veteran Medical Freedom Activist and Certified Integrative Health Coach, as they both give parents the opportunity to consider helpful strategies to strengthen family their own communication with adolescents.


The power of positive parenting has got nothing to do with power in the sense of external force or control in relation to the child. Nothing whatsoever! No, positive parenting is about focusing in on and using the inner strengths and qualities (such as unconditional love and support, respect, tolerance and acceptance) as a parent to bring out the best in children and empower them! Your own empowerment will inevitably lead to your children's empowerment. Join us, together we will learn ways we can tap into the power of positive parenting.

Topics covered will include connection and conflict resolution, respect for self and others, healthy decision making, and family support, independence and autonomy; the growth of abstract thinking; and forming an identity, social and spiritual. We hope this event will encourage open communication and respect both within and outside the family.

Parenting 2.0

9/17/19 135 Main St, Madison, NJ 07940, USA

Parenting 2.0

September 17, 2019

Workshop times: 10am & 7pm

As holistic-minded families we often make different choices with regard to health and wellness.


Join us for an empowering parenting event for those of us who have tweens & teenagers.



Uncharted Territory

Fall 2019

Does scaling Mount Fuji seem like an easier task than explaining your beliefs surrounding vaccines, to your spouse, family and friends?!

We'd like to invite you and your significant other to an evening of exploration of sorts!



Baby Steps to

Holistic living

Fall 2019

Learn about your choices in labour and know your birthing rights. Explore different options on how to build your child’s immune system naturally. 

Come meet other soon to be mama's & learn from the best of the best in holistic care for pre-conception to delivery!



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