Launched in October of 2018, Innovative Parenting NJ was imagined, designed and co-created by a team of dedicated women and mothers who care deeply about providing parents with information, resources and experiences to build a community which supports their parenting choices.


The "A E C's" of Innovative Parenting:


Innovative Parenting Advocacy New Jersey is committed to supporting New Jersey constituents to effectively advocate for their constitutional and fundamental human rights.

 IPANJ’s focus is to provide leadership, transparency and direction on the preservation health freedoms, medical freedoms, parental choice, informed consent and our first amendment rights. 

 Through strategic partnerships, robust technologies, education, mentorship and training, IPANJ is dedicated to building a community of activists and  amplifying our voices. 



Innovative Parenting strives to create experiences through events that will build and strengthen our community of parents.  2019 has been a very busy year for us with our first event kick off event in April of this year, showcasing a thought provoking discussion on Mastering your Child's Health Care with Dr. Lawrence Palevsky. 


We are so proud of this event, and the handful of other events that were designed, created and implemented for our community thereafter. 


We are looking forward to more events to come!  If you have an idea for an event you would like to see happen, drop us an email at:

Contingency Planning

Innovative Parenting intends to share scenario based planning solutions, tools and resources to aid parents with alternative options in the instance that children are denied a right to a public or private education in the state of NJ.   

We are in the midst of assembling a task force committee to further flush out alternative schooling options should an undesirable event occur.  As we have seen from our sister states, it behooves us to be prepared with a plan B.  If you have interested in joining this task force committee, pls contact us.


Please bare with us, we are in the midst of an exciting time and are working diligently to design and implement a cohesive website for Innovative Parenting NJ that we know you will appreciate and love!  


Our new website will be:


In the meantime.....

Please join our Innovative Parenting NJ subscribers list here so we can keep you up to date on the latest happenings in NJ!



Innovative Parenting NJ is thrilled to announce our expansion to include a new advocacy arm, Innovative Parenting Advocacy NJ (IPA-NJ).  Our advocacy arm will focus on providing statewide transparency, monitoring and guidance with regard to new and existing pieces of legislation that could affect our existing state constitutional rights. Included in this scope are any pieces of NJ legislation pertaining to health freedoms, medical freedoms, parental choice, informed consent and preservation of our first amendment rights. 

As part of the Innovative Parenting Advocacy NJ launch, we have proudly partnered with national advocacy group, Stand for Health Freedom (SHF) to offer a robust and safe technological platform that will strengthen our advocacy efforts as a collective across the state. 


As a sister organization, SHF unites conscientious Americans nationally to take a stand through direct contact with elected officials and persons in positions of influence. Our alliance with SHF will provide the state of NJ with one click access to stay informed on current and new pieces of legislation and complete calls to action with clarity and ease. The platform will allow for admins to send real time instantaneous communication across our community via text messaging.  Users will be able to leverage these communications to contact legislators on specific pieces of legislation by tweeting, emailing, faxing, calling or video messaging all with just a few clicks online!  This is an incredible opportunity for New Jersey advocates to strengthen our efforts using a robust technological platform that will provide us with efficiency and consistency.

Please use this link, or text NJSTAND to (855)932-4788 and sign up to gain seamless entry to our community of activists and communicate with New Jersey representatives.  As part of this initiative, Innovative Parenting Advocacy NJ is dedicated to working with SHF to alert you on pieces of legislation that are new or moving, Trenton agenda items, committee voting sessions that directly affect NJ citizens, elections and more.


Sign-up here !!! 


Try it out, experience for yourself this advanced, state-of-the-art tool that we believe will help amplify our NJ advocacy efforts during a crucial time across the nation.  

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